Whistles from Domnahl na Gruen

Domnahl na Gruen Whistlecraft is the work of Daniel, a devoted artisan who specializes in custom-made, affordable flutes and whistles.

Unique fingering layout

Made from premium quality aluminium in any key as well as pentatonic, the fingering of every custom-made Domnahl na Gruen whistle is a comfortable layout which is normally eased by off-setting the L4 and R4 tone holes. While many large whistles are essentially small whistles stretched out, Domnahl na Gruen whistles are designed around the hands, for optimal alignment and reach to each hole. Daniel will happily work with you to discover your most comfortable alignment, and build your whistle to match!

Deep, resonant tone

The tone of these visually stunning whistles is warm, haunting, mellow, full, rich, and deep. The curved or waved “air break” makes going into the higher octave a joy, keeping the tone sweet and true.

Innovative construction

Each whistle is lightweight, yet strong and durable, and is equipped with an optional tuning slide, so the whistle or flute head can interchange and that the instrument can be tuned to other instruments and adjusted as it warms up and cools down. The design is innovative and modern whilst remaining faithful to the traditional concept of what a whistle should be.

The fipple of each Domnahl na Gruen whistle is unique, made from materials ranging from solid brass and antique coins to beautifully colored translucent acrylic with a sweet image inset into the windway. Daniel is happy to speak with each customer about the fipple construction available when ordering!

One of a kind

Domnahl na Gruen whistles are hand-crafted and made to the highest standards of quality by craftsman Daniel McGinley, in the Highlands of Scotland. Whistles may be purchased from Daniel via eBay, or custom ordered by contacting him directly.